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Weather Policies

We hate rainouts, but here's how to prepare


  • Check our if you're game is on before you head out to your game. Updates will be made to the website, mobile site, and facebook.
  • During the games, we often have staff constantly checking the radar and tracking storms and rain. We use every method possible to see if the weather will clear and games can be played.
  • It may not be raining where you are, so always check before leaving.
  • If games are cancelled early enough, we will send an email out to the teams notifying them of the cancellation and note it on the individual league web page.
  • If games are cancelled very close to a game time, we make every effort to call the captains of those games. However this is not always possible.
  • We make up all cancelled games except for some extreme circumstances.
  • Certain times of year, especially Summer, there may be times where we cannot play games for multiple weeks in a row and leagues could end up weeks/months behind schedule because of the weather or excessive rain. This is unavoidable and no refunds will be given in these cases.
  • Games could be played on alternate fields or different locations depending on field closures or conditions.
  • We play when it's hot and when it's cold. We do not call off games unless we have to.
  • Sometimes we do have to cancel so as not to ruin the turf or playing surface of a wet field. Some of the fields we use do not drain well and continue to be wet for quite some time after a rain. In some cases, this is not our call, but that of the entity that we lease the fields from.
  • If we cancel games for a night, we will not resume them if the weather clears up.
  • Sometimes we may cancel the first games to allow the weather to pass and will reschedule the cancelled games at a later date.
  • Lightning is serious, and we will err on the side of caution when lightning is in the area.
  • If a tropical system is approaching, games may be cancelled since bridges may be closed making travel difficult.
  • Please note that excessive wind may cancel volleyball and fog may cancel softball.
  • For golf leagues, we will play as long as the course is open. You may call the course for their status.
  • We realize that rainouts are an inconvenience, but sometimes they are unavoidable living in Florida.