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Upcoming Start Dates

KICKBALL @ Lions Park - 7/10

4's VOLLEYBALL @ Oar House - 7/11 & 7/29

CORNHOLE @ Wild Greg's Saloon - 7/30

2's VOLLEYBALL @ The Ticket - 7/30, 7/31, & 8/23

4's VOLLEYBALL @ Coastal County Brewing - 8/8 & 8/14

BOWLING @ Cordova - 8/27


Get KICKIN' with some KICKBALL!

One of our most popular offerings

YES...Adults play KICKBALL! Didn't play kickball on your college team? Don't worry!!! Neither did anyone else.  Everyone can play.  Bring a team, small group of friends, or on your own.  Leagues are starting SOON.  SIGN UP HERE!

Compete & drink a beer?

If that's your style, we have leagues for you!

Running around and getting sweaty isn't everyone's cup of tea. So Kaboom offers leagues where you can still go for gold, just with a beer in your hand. Try out CORNHOLE LEAGUES or BOWLING LEAGUES and we'll get you playing this season!


League Fun!

Check out what Kaboom has to offer and start having fun out there today!